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Signaling and beaconing

Signaling and beaconing device used as a warning light for aircraft, which uses red LEDs and infrared LEDs, creating with its design a perfect solution for lighting systems for objects whose height can pose a risk to aircraft, such as buildings, bridges, towers, among others. Following Radiocom's track record in installing signaling and beacon systems in airport projects such as the sale and installation of an aerial prevention lighting system for electrical transmission towers, in subcategory 061073407, which was carried out in the city of Montería, we have enough experience to successfully install these systems.


Runway Lighting

With more than 10 years of experience, Radiocom S.A.S has the qualified personnel and sufficient experience to successfully install runway beacon systems such as edge lights, threshold and wing bar, threshold identification, center, TDZ and displaced threshold. , identifying the number of these depending on the type of track, either IFR (Instrumental Flight Rules) or VFR (Visual Flight Rules). With the support of our associates abroad, we have successfully completed more than 6 beaconing projects.


Precision approach path indicator (Papi lights)

Principal approach lighting system (PAPI) for airports and heliports. The device is determined by checking the path of descent for airplanes or helicopters at the time of landing at the airport. The pilot obtains information about the slope of the descent path based on the lights on the PAPI equipment.


Portable runway illumination lights

For the runway illumination lights solutions, Radiocom S.A.S works in the solution of track lighting system in company with the best providers of portable runway lighting systems.

We operate fully autonomous LED lights designed for a wide range of applications in the aviation industry, including runway lighting, aircraft takeoff and landing guidance, lighting for heliports or airports for tactical purposes. Equipped with RF radio control, these fully functioning lights can be controlled from the control tower without costly wiring making installation and operation very convenient.


Solar aviation light

Radiocom S.A.S works in the solution of runway lighting system in company with the best suppliers of visual aids systems type LED by Solar power.

Operating on solar power, aviation lights offer tremendous benefits over traditional battery powered lights, such as cost savings from wiring and low maintenance costs. These LED lights are fully autonomous and designed to suit a wide range of aviation and general applications, including runway lighting, aircraft take-off and landing guidance, lighting for heliports or airports for tactical purposes.

The lights have two high-performance solar modules mounted inside the lens, maximizing solar capture and providing reliable operation under different environmental conditions.


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