Electronic tolls

Radiocom S.A.S has signed a strategic alliance with the Taiwanese company YDT (http://www.ydttech.com/), market leader in the supply, installation and maintenance of electronic tolls.

Taiwan is a pioneer in the implementation of electronic tolls and YDT has been at the forefront of electronic tolls. YDT belongs to the most important economic conglomerate in Taiwan, the Far Eastern Group, which since 2004 has held a 20-year concession for the operation and maintenance of automated tolls in Taiwan territory.

100% of toll collection in Taiwan is automated, and with more than 321 toll gateways installed along its highways, the Taiwanese government relies entirely on YDT's effectiveness and technology for toll collection . With 14,000,000 monthly transactions, the collection effectiveness percentage is 99.9%, which gives us the confidence to offer this solution for the Colombian terrain.

Below you will find a link with video of the trajectory and work of YDT and the Far Eastern Group.


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